Evaluate Everything

Get results by focusing on the thousands of interactions you are already having with your clients.

Every phone call, email, text, website chat, video conference or letter is a unique opportunity to improve the service you provide and boost your business.

CSAT Score

Bebexs' customer surveys offer an easy way to identify dissatisfied clients by targeting responses with low CSAT scores.

Evaluating these surveys is where you'll discover communications that have fallen short of your expected standards.

Improvements to processes and targeted training can then be actioned to increase customer satisfaction in the future.

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Improved Communication Skills

Evaluating communications using the bespoke forms, identifies where each employee needs to improve. Bebexs' unique approach ensures staff are more receptive to ongoing coaching and consistently develop their skills.

Good and bad examples can also be flagged as appropriate for training and used to increase the quality of your staffs' call handling and writing abilities.

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Motivated Employees

Bebexs' evaluations provide you with more opportunities to praise and motivate your staff.

Employees like the Bebexs' scoring system because it provides structure to each interaction, and they appreciate having goals to achieve.

A happier, motivated team will naturally deliver a better service to your clients and an increase in business.

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Employee Turnover Rate

Implementing the Bebexs Quality Assurance Software will help to reduce employee turnover.

Scoring communications allow management to set targets and goals for staff to strive towards, giving more meaning to their daily tasks.

The transparency of the system, together with targeted coaching keep staff motivated and continually striving to improve. Happy staff don't leave!

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