CSAT score; Increase Client Satisfaction, Increase Profits

Every business wants to have satisfied clients, and one of the best way to achieve this is to provide excellent coaching and support to staff.

The Bebexs Quality Assurance Software offers support for coaching employees on the best ways of interacting with clients.

It facilitates the auditing, training and coaching of staff, provides the tools to identify shortcomings and increase the communication skills of your employees, allowing you to improve what you do.

An infographic containing two ways of getting happy staff and happy customers: the bebexs way, which is simple, and the traditional way, which is convoluted.

Bebexs Helps Improve the Way Staff Communicate with Clients

  • Phone calls, emails, text messages, letters or web chat. It doesn't matter how your staff communicate with your clients, what's important is to identify what they are doing right and what they can improve.
  • If your staff are calling clients, Bebexs helps get them focused on the client’s request and not just the length of the call. If they are replying to an email, Bebexs encourages staff to read incoming emails carefully and to write an appropriate response.
  • It starts with the client surveys; these alert you to issues clients might have with the level of service they have been provided. Collectively, they also allow you to monitor the progress you as a company are making in improving CSAT (client satisfaction) rates.
  • Evaluations are then carried out on both targeted and random phone calls, emails, text messages, letters or web chats. Both staff and managers learn what is going wrong and what direction needs to be taken to improve future communication to clients.

  • Through self-evaluations, staff learn to identify what they are doing wrong and can then focus on improving their communication skills, helping to resolve client's problems easier.

Align the Service You Provide with Your Client's Expectations

  • Customisable surveys provide insight into client's sentiment and expectations and point out areas which are positive and also what needs changing.
  • Bebexs helps organisations identify and continuously improve the service they provide, increasing the client's satisfaction rates.
A notebook containing a client survey answers, starting from terrible, ending with bebexs at the top, and the bebexs answer is ticked with a check mark.

Using Bebexs to Improve Client Satisfaction

When clients don't receive the service they expect, they become dissatisfied and start to become receptive to competing solutions provided by your competitors. Organisations can use Bebexs surveys to identify and resolve areas of client dissatisfaction, increasing client loyalty.