At Aaron's Department, we believe every employee can become a star performer. We know this is true because that is exactly what happened when we created Bebexs to improve our sister companies' call agents handling skills.

What Did We Do?

Working with Medilink Nursing which has been supplying nurses and carers to Nursing homes and Hospitals for 20 years, we created a software application that helped them transform their working practices and improve the level of customer service they deliver.

Medilink wanted to improve the call handling of their call agents and tried to find a quality assurance software solution which was simple and would have a real impact on their business. They searched far and wide, but couldn't find a suitable product.

That's when we created Bebexs, a quality assurance system which made their lives easier. The system encourages agents to assess their personal performance alongside management, allowing them to quickly identify mistakes.

How it Transformed Medilink Nursing and Can Help Your Business

We've created a system which can be used to help coach poorly performing staff by letting them listen to and review a variety of good and bad customer service calls, e-mails, texts, chats or anything you want to be evaluated!

Bebexs makes evaluating your client interactions easy, and a highly effective way of improving the standard of your organisation. Its unique approach lowers the barriers staff usually create when offered feedback, helping to transform poorly performing employees and keep the best staff at the top of their game.

How Will it Help You?

Phone call recordings, emails, web chats etc. are made available for you and your staff (who have permission) to evaluate.
With constant feedback, your employees will know what they need to improve to make the service they deliver better.
Bebexs utilises self-assessment, so staff can realise what needs to be changed themselves - reducing objections to change.
Your organisation retains the same staff, but they produce a better service.

How Do I Install Bebexs?

Setting up Bebexs is a piece of cake. Since it is a cloud-based service you don’t have to purchase any hardware. It can either be operated as a stand-alone application or using the APIs provided it can be integrated into PBX's and servers to give more functionality and a more efficient user experience.

We tailor the system to suit your individual needs. Just inform us of the phone system you use and we will work around this to deliver the best service possible.