Reduce Employee Turnover with Bebexs

Implementing the Bebexs Quality Assurance Software to improve your staff's motivation and performance will help to reduce staff turnover, keeping your staff happy in their role and constantly striving to improve.

Bebexs assists you in evaluating everything, helping you see what requires improvement and what is performing well.

A monitor displaying a graph chart that represents performance over time, with the graph going out of the monitor illustrating how bebexs helps your staff to achieve more.

Happy Employees Don't Leave

For an organisation, having happy staff is a great benefit. Pay rises, free beer, ice cream?

While not unwelcome, they'll only have a temporary effect. For true happiness, you need to create job satisfaction by providing the opportunity for team members to learn, develop and grow.

Positive team members are likely to remain in their position and deliver a better level of service to clients.

Bebexs helps employees be more motivated and happy by involving them in the evaluation process by self-evaluating their own calls to see where they need to improve.

By scoring client interactions such as phone calls, emails, letters and web chat, staff members and management can see exactly how they are performing and where they need to improve.

An employee jumps over a cliff with the help of balloons, illustrating overcoming obstacles while being happy reduces employee turnover rate.

More Experienced Staff

Clients receive a greater level of service from experienced staff members who have great product knowledge and understand the values of their organisation. Having previous experience dealing with similar situations allows for the interaction to be carried out to a higher standard. This helps to work towards better overall client satisfaction, and can be beneficial to the organisation through great reviews and increased business.Using our software to identify key areas for improvement, even experienced staff can spot the areas they need to develop. Bebexs' unique approach ensures staff are receptive to feedback and they don't build defensive barriers - staff keep on getting better and better.

A Stronger Client Relationship

Greater staff retention has other benefits for an organisation.Clients who frequently contact the same organisations often prefer to deal with the same person, over time building a strong relationship, increasing the loyalty and lifetime value of clients.It is more affordable to retain clients than to constantly seek new ones, but to get stunning growth, why not use Bebexs to help you do both?

Less Resources are Used

A lower staff turnover doesn't only benefit an organisation in terms of happier customers.

Searching for candidates, interviewing and deciding on a final person to hire takes time and money to do, then there is the training, all breaking focus and reducing productivity.


Using Bebexs will make staff happier, reducing your staff turnover rate.

Time and money which would have been spent on initial training can be channelled into coaching existing staff to make them even better.