Improve Communication Skills with Bebexs

Grow your business by using our Quality Assurance Software to improve communication skills in your company.

Every time one of your staff communicates with a client, it is an opportunity to grow your business.

Evaluate and improve your team's communication skills, identify your best practices and what needs to improve using your calls, emails, letters and chats. Bebexs facilitates training and coaching with a simple click of a button.

A triangle consisting of people, with a person at the leftmost edge holding a megaphone directed towards the rest, and they slowly turn in the colour of the person holding the megaphone, illustrating that a single unhappy customer can spread bad rumors and ruin your business' reputation.

Take Communication Skills to a Higher Level

  • Every customer interaction is important, and a single call can make or break a company's reputation.
  • Your staff deliver the quality of service your clients receive, so it makes sense to prepare them properly by providing appropriate training.

  • Bebexs is here to help you with that by identifying what staff members are doing right, as well as what can be improved. Training and coaching can then be targeted on the most important areas, drastically improving customer satisfaction rates.

Help with Training New Starters

  • As part of your initial training program, have your new starters analyse and evaluate a good mix of calls, emails and chat interactions to prepare them for what to expect and to increase their knowledge and communication skills.
  • With Bebexs, you can mark great or poor calls or other interactions as suitable for training purposes with a single click of a button. New starters can then simply play back calls, view emails or chat conversations and learn from your best members of staff.

The Bebexs Improvement Loop


Use the client surveys to identify potential problems.


Evaluate communications to pinpoint shortcomings.


Examine and improve company processes if required.


Coach your staff to stop the problem recurring.



Let Customer Surveys Do the Coaching

Bebexs' customisable customer surveys provide valuable insight into your employees' performances. This feedback is invaluable, as it comes directly from the recipients of your service, and meeting clients' demands, is important for every business.

It doesn't matter whether the survey result was positive, negative or constructive criticism was given. Any feedback can be used as a benchmark for coaching purposes, and Bebexs helps to display it easily.

A bar graph representing client satisfaction results, and the steps on how to improve them, starting from training new starters up to same staff, better service, with a person holding a trophy cup at the highest point of the graph.

Self-Evaluation Is Self-Coaching!

When an individual self-evaluates their work, the fact that they are pointing out where they need to improve to themselves means that they are more receptive to feedback and coaching.

This approach reduces any defensive barriers that a member of staff might create when they feel they are being criticised.

On-Going Coaching Increases Communication Skills

Your team can constantly review their customer interactions with a simple click. Bebexs allows for a proper examination of any issues and facilitates coaching too, so they are not repeated.

The continually improving level of customer service increases client satisfaction and business growth.