Motivate the Team with bebexs

Everybody likes to be shown appreciation for their hard work. Motivating your team and making them happier will lead to a better service being delivered to your clients and an increase in business.

Bebexs helps do this

With our Quality Assurance Software, you can set a consistent standard for communications. Forget spreadsheets and appraisals; Bebexs gets all the team involved in evaluating phone calls, emails, texts, website chats, video conferences or letters. The transparency and self-assessment element of the system ensures that employees feel part of the process, trust the results and makes them receptive to change. Motivating staff to improve what they do and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Two sets of direction signs, the left one representing regular, small corrections while the right one represents occasional big changes, illustrating the difference between frequent evaluations and traditional appraisals.

Regular Evaluations Lead to Sustained Performance

Bebexs allows for frequent evaluation of staff interactions with customers. It is best used when staff from all levels of the business are involved in the review process, ensuring a fair and accurate overall score. The key to evaluation is to not just focus on the bad interactions but to take a holistic view. Positive and negative interactions can both be used as examples to help coach staff and improve communication skills. Employees are kept motivated by being given a framework and benchmarks to strive towards, improving their performance.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Thanks to our straightforward web interface, you no longer have to input lots of data into spreadsheets or worry about losing track of where you are at, or people overwriting data or not knowing who has changed data. Bebexs allows you to evaluate your interactions simply and easily whenever you like, keeping track of the data for you and providing the reports you need. Allowing management to spend time coaching and improving staff members communications quickly.

Make Each Individual Feel Valued

Bebexs encourages each member of your team to find and rectify any mistakes or bad habits they make while communicating with clients. Our focus on self-assessment helps to minimise many of the objections employees have and makes them more receptive to feedback and coaching. This transparency not only encourages staff to identify their own mistakes, but being included in the evaluation process also makes them feel valued.

Three people are pulling a huge box with a rope in the same direction, followed by the text "calibration, if you want better results, make sure everyone is pulling in the same direction".

Calibration Enhances Trust and Consistency

One of the key aspects of the Bebexs system is that it enables organisations to set a direction they want to go in, and constantly work towards it. Each day a percentage of an employee's communications are automatically assigned to themselves to evaluate, while at the same time, their supervisor also gets a percentage of these interactions for calibration purposes. The supervisor's manager receives a percentage of supervisors’ assessments to calibrate, a percentage of the manager's assessments goes to their boss and on it goes up to the top.

Suddenly everybody is evaluating calls and emails the same way as the MD. Uniformity and consistency in assessments lead to consistency in the quality of the communication skills.

An employee is walking up check-boxes fitted together like stairs, with a hand drawing tick marks and with it making the check-boxes solid, and this action of recognising a good job motivates the employee to walk up.

The Importance of Scoring and Goals

Setting an end goal and targets along the way will help the employees become more determined to score higher when evaluated. When they understand the scoring system, it motivates them to want to achieve better results, helping your quality of service.

Identify and Acknowledge High Performers

Bebexs helps identify your high performers through regular evaluations, how you acknowledge them is up to you.

Motivated Staff Enjoy Their Job and Outperform

Improve your team's morale and motivation with Bebexs. Instead of focusing on metrics like AHT, have your staff identify and improve their performance through self-evaluation. Each individual in your business will enjoy being appreciated and understanding that their work has value, increasing their happiness and helping them enjoy the job they are doing.