Features of Bebexs QA Software

The Bebexs Quality Assurance Software includes features to help your business be the best it can be. Some of these great features include:

Customisable Client Surveys

Find out how your customers really feel about the service you provide by measuring satisfaction rates, to create a benchmark to measure your improvement.

Bebexs' built-in client survey allows you to monitor client sentiment scores and target your time spent evaluating. Having clients receive the survey after a communication shows that you care, and want to provide an improved service, helping to build long-lasting trust and loyalty.
A monitor containing a screenshot of bebexs' feature of creating the questionnaire for client surveys.

Tailored Evaluation Forms

With Bebexs unique evaluation forms, you can point out to your staff which parts of their communication was done well and what needs improvement, helping them improve.

Easily customisable evaluation forms allow staff to score any type of interaction with your clients. Phone calls, email, text, website chat, video conference or letter all can be evaluated with ease.

A monitor containing a screenshot of bebexs' feature of tailored evaluation forms.
A monitor containing a screenshot of bebexs' feature of PBX integration.

PBX Integration

Integrated into your phone PBX system, listening to and evaluating a call is easy. Simply click, your phone rings and you listen to the call.

If you would like to know more, contact us and tell us what the phone system you are using and we will discuss the options available to you.

A monitor containing a screenshot of bebexs' feature of producing customised reports.


Measure your employee's performance and create strategies for improvement and further coaching. With Bebexs' analysis reports, you can follow trends in your employee's performance spotting errors, and it will also help you recognise and acknowledge a great performer.



Bebexs' calibration reports compare team members' evaluations to find any discrepancies with scoring. It is simple to compare evaluations with all participants. This helps ensure everybody is following the same vision and company values, helping to achieve consistency across all of the companies' communications.


Combining survey and evaluation reports, Bebexs makes it possible to provide regulatory compliance metrics, helping deliver positive business outcomes.


Your employees can become constant learners and understand how to identify own areas that need improving. The specific Bebexs scoring system is transparent and builds trust among team members, making it easier for staff to accept feedback and improve.

Bebexs makes it possible to give constant and detailed feedback and encourages employees to self-evaluate their performance with honesty..

A monitor containing a screenshot of bebexs' feature of marking calls for training and coaching purposes.
A monitor containing a screenshot of bebexs' feature of properly indexing calls.

Integrated Call Indexer

Bebexs makes it easy for you to list and filter any call and assign it to a user for evaluation or to be used for training purposes. Listening to any call can be achieved with just a click.